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Sabine Zahn

Music manager Sabine Zahn has, for many years, been successfully involved in the design of musical life.

Sabine Zahn was born in Hamburg and began to play the violin at the age of six years. Very early she gained first experiences in several youth orchestras and took part at the competition "Jugend musiziert". She was member of the orchestra "Junge Deutsche Philharmonie". Sabine Zahn completed studies at the music academy in Cologne in the violin class of Igor Ozim, followed by studies of musicology at the university Cologne.

After several years as journalist (for the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, WDR Cologne, Deutschlandfunk and others) and as concert manager (for example, Rheinische Musikfeste, Wandelkonzerte at the castle Benrath), she was appointed the artistic director of the new founded Kölner Philharmonie in 1984. Sabine Zahn directed until 1988 the artistic planning and the fields of marketing and press work. In this context, she developed a profile of programme as well as the image of the Kölner Philharmonie, which meanwhile has developed into a model for many concert houses.

Afterwards, she overtook the orchestra management of the Radio Sinfonieorchester Frankfurt, became the artistic director of the Symphonischen Orchester Berlin and thereby became the first female artistic director in Germany. Another five years she was working as the leader of the field "Cultural Management" for the Senate Department for Culture of Hamburg. Among her responsibilities were the management of the Musikhalle Hamburg, the conceptual development for several cultural festivals in Hamburg as well as the field of international exchange of culture.

In 1995 Sabine Zahn founded the programme office K&K, Culture & Communication Agency in Berlin. The K&K Agency dedicates herself to the development of musical projects, gives advise to artists and organisers and offers activities of orchestral management, organisation of concerts and development of concepts for music organisers and festivals. Furthermore, the team of K&K within their field of PR takes over press work for artists, ensembles and music projects. Besides the accomplishment of concerts and touring projects, the K&K Agency is providing marketing offerings for other organisers and the development of educational projects.

Together with Karsten Witt, Sabine Zahn founded in 2008 the charitable organisation "clsx – Partners for Music", which is initialising and carrying out musical projects.

Sabine Zahn is married, has a son and lives with her family in Berlin.